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Friedman’s Law of the First Thing, as Applied to Investing: Market Caps

Investing, I’ve been known to say, is not, for most people, the key to financial health — probably not even in the Top 5 determinants of financial health (briefly: Numero Uno is savings rate, Numero Dos is making-a-living happiness, Numero Tres is having a feeling of currently being in control, Numero Cuatro is […]

On the Rarified Fringe of the Financial Media Trail with Blodget and EPI

In the great unraveling of the Internet bubble in the year 2000, the rise and fall of Henry Blodget was among the biggest, gossipy’est, schedenfreude’iest stories of all. In 2003, under allegations of publicly touting the very same high-flying Internet stocks that he was simultaneously selling for his own account, […]