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Occupational and Physical Therapists: What Do they Do and Which is Which?
Baby boomers with elder parents rejoice! I am pulling elder parent duty this week, with lots of time on my hands (here and there anyway), and can answer some simple questions that will come up the first time you ever find yourself in a similar position. *  * ...
You Should Own Your Own Email Address, Not Rent It
We all prefer being in control, don’t we? After all, it surely beats not being in control, doesn’t it (certain Shades of Grey personality types excepted . . . )? Why is it, then, that so many of us cede control of our email existences by choosing to...

Running Vanguard's $450 Billion Total Stock Market Fund is not even close to being a "passive" activity. https://t.co/2VfFQednYt
- Thursday Aug 18 - 3:49pm

Possible to use the more @GeorgeLakoff'ian phrase, "offshore-cash tax shirking" or something like that? @RonWyden
- Wednesday Aug 17 - 5:27pm